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I’ll let you know up front that Emilia is my sister-in-law, married to my brother Torie so it's fair to say that I knew her very well before this interview. When I started the Every Woman Project, I wanted to interview the people I love in my life as well as the well as ones I don't yet know.  In saying that, when I interviewed her I also wanted to ask her these questions as if I had no idea what her answers would be. She completely encouraged me when I heard of her excitement for their future business plans and her passion for giving back and helping people.
Milly and her husband Torie have the dream of opening a local café, that looks beautiful (thanks to her gift for decorating) has delicious food (crafted by Torie) and also operates to give back somehow. They are currently working on plans to open such a place with the idea being Milly will able to work there and also watch their son William grow up.
On top of that, Milly teaches and performs Mexican dance and started restoring old furniture while she was on leave. Will and Way started as a creative project but has kept her busy at home crafting and selling her one-off pieces. 
Emilia Alosi, 23 mother to William, 7 months old
What surprised you most about motherhood?

Just how much life shifted when he first laid in my arms. How much I would love him. I mean, there’s love and then there’s LOVE. Like how much can you love a little human? That was a big surprise. Words can’t explain it and nothing can prepare you for that. Also, how I knew nothing at all, but God graces you with wisdom and knowledge you never knew you had.
Oh and you will never sleep the same again – that was a BIG surprise.
Best advice you were given before becoming a mum:
Sleep when the baby sleeps. As hard it is, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself to re-energise especially when they’re still newborns. Somebody also told me to read Save Our Sleep too, it really helped Will and I. It gave him a routine and it gave me the opportunity to have to time out for myself and that really saves your sanity.
This was a hard question because you’re given so much advice before you become a mum and you don’t really pay attention to it until you’re actually going through it.
What about advice you would give to a new mother?
It’s ok to cry! Soak in every moment as they grow up so fast – especially when they’re newborns.
Make sure you take time with your husband. Days and nights become exhausting so you have less time with each other.
I would also say to read Save Our Sleep, I know it might not work for everyone but Will really adapted to it well and it sets them in a really good routine.
What were your dreams before and after motherhood?
Long before becoming a mother, I dreamed of marrying my husband Torie (they married at the end of 2015) and our plan was to live in our own home, travel around Mexico (where Milly’s family is from) and Europe before settling down.
Things sort of changed after when I fell pregnant which was a surprise. I felt so sick that I was unable to work for 16 weeks. I eventually went back to work but it meant moving in to our home was delayed, as was travelling.
But now that William’s here, our dreams are even bigger and better. I want to provide the best life for him. I want to be able to give him things that maybe I didn’t have.
Our dream is to open our own café and smokehouse (Torie is a fantastic cook) and in doing that I’ll be able to support my husband in his dreams and support my son and watch him grow. Now that he’s here I don’t want to miss a thing – I want to see him grow up and develop. It will also give me a way to express my own creativity and talk to people. As a carer, I would spend so much time talking to people, sometimes 2 hours just sitting down and speaking to people. Our café will give us the opportunity to do that. It’s something that Torie is very good at too; he can just start talking to anyone.
Have your dreams changed?
No, it was always in our minds that we wanted to open a café but they’ve gotten bigger now and we’re more determined.
 You have spent so much of your life helping people, is that still a part of your life?
My job before having Will was to care for people and I feel most fulfilled when I’m giving out, even if it’s my own time. Sure, I’m caring for Will but before that I would look after 10 or 15 kids and that’s still in me. When we open our café, we want to be a local business who gives back to the community – possibly an orphanage or refuge and support them somehow through our business. That’s never changed and both Torie and I have a heart for missions.
Tell us a bit about Will and Way
I buy old furniture and restore it. It’s more of a hobby and something I love to do and might not continue in to the future. I started it because I wanted a way to express my creativity and keep busy while I was at home with Will and I still love to do it.
Favourite thing about being a mum:
Being able to play and care for him. Seeing him grow up and achieve daily goals.
A few of your favourite things:
Mexican dancing 
Restoring furniture

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