Motherhood and Oceans

Motherhood is a lot like swimming in the ocean. There are days when the sea is calm, the weather is perfect and everything is sunny. These are the days you sit back in bliss, smile and say ‘how lucky am I’?


Then there are the stormy days. The days when your head is just barely above the water, it’s cold and windy and you can barely stay afloat.


These are the varied days of motherhood and I’ve experienced them in equal parts and in all their glory.


There are days when your strokes are long and beautiful and you’re in great form and then there are those tough days where doggy paddle will just have to do.


Days when your beach hair is on point and others when you literally look like you’ve been dumped on the shore by a wave.


Don’t be discouraged though, even the strongest swimmers will struggle in a rip.


The thing about motherhood, is you just have to keep swimming, the tough days and the sunny ones because the most beautiful part about it is, the person you’re teaching how to swim will make each day worth it.

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